Cold water

February 26, 2010

taken from: Cold-water Crawfish Bait Research (Robert Romaire and W. Ray McClain, LSU Agcenter)

Increasing water temperatures may indicate need to switch bait

There have been some concern recently with regard to the cold weather and the low catch in the fields. Actually, these two are absolutely related.

As the water temperature remains low, the crawfish biological systems will slow down. As this happens, they will move much slower and consume much less.

As a result, baited traps will have much fewer crawfish in them, even though a crawfish population exists in the ponds.

Through research at the LSU Agcenter, it seems that 60 degrees is the temperature at which crawfish will tend to move much more rapidly and a change in catch should be seen (but the water temperatures this morning are at 50 degrees in many areas). Crawfish are very cold water tolerant and will survive at these very low temperatures, so there should not be a concern for mortality.

Also, on a positive note, you should see a lesser degree of overall oxygen and water quality problems in these ponds due to the overall slowness of ecosystem activity throughout the ponds.

With this colder weather slowing down ecological systems in the ponds, I have noticed forage crops lasting longer in  fields than I remember seeing last year.

 Bait- remember, as the water warms up, the use of artificial bait seems to have a better response to catch than shad or pogy. Shad or pogy tend to be much more beneficial in colder waters as a bait.


9 Responses to “Cold water”

  1. Mark Shirley said

    This afternoon at 1:30pm I checked the water temperature of a crawfish pond near Abbeville. The temperature was 55 degrees. That is still on the cool side. I expect the rainfall this afternoon and tonight along with the cold front will drop the temperature a bit tonight. Teh forcast looks like things will stay cool with only a little sunshine on Sunday.

  2. Stephen Minvielle said

    The temperature in my ponds dropped 7 degrees in one hour following the cold rain Friday afternoon. The catch followed the temp down, I finally have a slight increase and I lost it plus an additional sack from Friday catch today.

  3. perry barras said

    it would be nice if you could design a pumping system that filters the sun fish aswell have a heated system that would warm the water a couple of degrees. might be able to be powered by solar, wind, natraul gas. i think it would triple the crawfish per a pond.. or even if they had the ponds inclosed with a great irrigation system with plenty of skylights on the roof of the structure… yes all these ideas are very expensive but in time a more profitable crops i find it will be better in the long run.. but then again im not a fisherman 🙂

  4. doug redlich said

    This blog is a great idea. I hope it is kept uptodate

  5. Patricia Herkes said

    What artificial baits can be used.

    • There are a few artificial baits produced by various manufacturers that can be purchased at local co-ops. They are usually composed of cereal grains and are cylindrical in shape. The composition of baits sold will be relatively close and any can be used. The most efficient use is found in warmer waters than in cooler temperatures.

  6. Mark Shirley said

    I checked the water temperature of a pond at 1:30pm today….52 degrees. Still too cold for crawfish to get real active.

  7. EMMA JAYE said


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