Cloudy day

March 1, 2010

Today has started off cloudy. As temperatures will start to warm up, it is important to remember that cloudy or foggy days could contribute to lack of oxygen (when temperatures are warmer moreso than in cool weather). Today, the temperatures are relatively low and pond ecosystem movement is still moving at a slow pace.

There have been some instances in which crawfish catch may be low, but forage systems and oxygen is plentiful. However, sometimes there will be instances in which fish could be a culprit. Each sunfish in a pond could eat an equivalent of one sack of crawfish in a season. If producers are not pumping from wells, it is extremely important to filter this water. An aeration system that allows for free- flowing water to fall through grates could serve as a dual purpose aerator/ nuisance fish trap system.

Also, there is some instances of filamentous algae in ponds. This will alleviate itself and as pond activity increases, will tend to disappear over time.


4 Responses to “Cloudy day”

  1. r brown said

    Just found this site. Great idea. I have crawfish in Avoyelles. My fisherman has been unable to run traps because of low catch.

  2. Daryl Hardy said

    I learned from and old crawfishermen there are
    ways to catch more crawfish in cooler weather.For a smaller
    pond IT may be more time consuming but if you
    have more time then money this is what i was thought and learned some on my own.shad cut
    very thin say 1/2 inch crawfish will enter the net
    because of the artifical bait and the fish bait will keep them in and looking at the fish it will have very little eaten on it . cold water refrigerates the
    fish bait and bait could be used for 2 runs.bending flues lower so lazy crawfish can enter easier. Arnaudville LA. I HAVE FISHED FOR 50 YRS.

    • Doguet Crawfish Farm said

      Wouldn’t using the fish bait twice have less blood and oil in the bait to attract the crawfish, or would the water being cold keep that in?

      • If you are fishing every day, I could see reusing the same bait for another run. Primarily because many producers will have two day sets with the same bait anyway.
        As water temperatures are warming up this week, it may be more beneficial to start switching to artificial bait to increase catch.

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