Wildlife Problems

March 8, 2010

Unfortunately, for many animals that may be knocking over traps or causing trouble with levees, there is not a miracle answer to make them disappear. However, there are certain legal guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Crawfish farmers can shoot problematic raccoons, opossums, nutria, and beaver from the boat or vehicle with a .22 caliber rifle with no limit.

2. River otters must be trapped by a licensed trapper during trappiung season, which ends March 31. if you want to trap them yourself, the license costs $25.00.

3. Poisons are illegal to use (except for field rats) and could kill other animals, such as dogs or birds. For field rats, it is best to place these poisons around areas where bait is cut or where boxes are stored.

Realizing that it does cost to pay someone to trap nuisance animals can be troublesome, but neglecting to do so could potentially cost more in damaged traps and lost potentially harvested crawfish.


4 Responses to “Wildlife Problems”

  1. I heard they catching mudbugs at cat island

  2. Randy Chaya said

    I thought that I heard on a local newscast several weeks ago that this website was going to provide current crawfish prices in the area. Is this right?

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