Algae in ponds

March 22, 2010

The past few weeks, I have received numerous calls with algae problems in ponds. The type of algae is usually called spirogyra and will seem to come up in thick sheets that cause problems in shallower areas. This problem will tend to be much more severe in ponds that have been recently fertilized or if the water is very clear. The best way to control the algae is to make the water muddy. Generally, ponds with higher densities of crawfish in the ponds do not have this problem because crawfish will keep the water muddy enough to prevent sunlight from reaching the pond’s bottom. Good news is that the algae problem will clear itself up as the weather changes, but the bad news is that it is a current nuisance to harvesting and can bring havoc to oxygen levels.

Keep in mind, as the algae turns from green to brown it no longer produces oxygen and in fact,  will take oxygen from the water and may harm crawfish populations. It may be a good idea to run an aerator if a large amount of algae begins to noticeably or rapidly die off in the next few weeks.


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