Pond-pond stocking

March 29, 2010

There have been a few questions regarding stocking ponds that are not catching this year but the neighboring ponds seem to be doing well. If this is the case for the same farm, there are some considerations that can be made to prepare for next season. If you have a pond that is not catching at all and you want to do some levee work, now would be a good time to consider doing so. Crawfish will tend to burrow in the side of levees and doing levee work could cause too much soil to pile up on the burrows or physically crush the burrows, preventing the crawfish from emerging next season, so stocking in the next month may not be appropriate and could be a waste of time, so do the levee work first.

Also, there is no problem with restocking from neighboring ponds that seem to be catching now. So, if you have one pond that you are considering draining and pulling traps out of because there is no catch but you want to restock, 50 to 60 pounds per acre from a neighboring pond is fine to use for restocking. Just remember that if levee work is planned, crawfish that are burrowed could be harmed.

There is no real need to buy crawfish from another producer to stock if you have some of your own to use. The reason that some producers will do this is to diversify the genetics in the pond and perhaps use large crawfish in order to have large crawfish offspring. However, there is no evidence that stocking a pond with larger crawfish will produce large crawfish in the next season.  Crawfish size is related to the density or the number of crawfish in a given area. A pond will have large crawfish but low numbers or small crawfish and high numbers. The goal is to find a medium in-between that produces consistently.



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