Crawfish are way too small…

May 17, 2010

What if I am catching numerous crawfish now, but they just are too small and may not be growing??

Sometimes this problem occurs when there are too many crawfish present in the pond (overpopulated). If you are still catching crawfish that are too small, this could be because there are too many in the population. If you are having an overpopulated pond problem, there are some ways to remedy this for next season without trying to kill the entire population. If you need levee work done, this may be a good year to consider doing so, primarily because reworking levees will crush or block crawfish burrows. Another method some producers will use is to drain the water quickly. Draining the water quickly will prevent some of the crawfish population from burrowing.

The good news with a large number of crawfish is that restocking is unnecessary. Many producers may feel that restocking every year adds to the genetic diversity; however, there is enough diversity in an established pond that genetics will not become a problem. Also, the size of crawfish being caught in a pond is related to the population density, not the genetics of the parents and offspring.

The rule of thumb: If crawfish are large but just not many there: a possible low number in the population and you may consider stocking.

If crawfish are small and numerous: this is a sign of overpopulation and stocking is not needed.


2 Responses to “Crawfish are way too small…”

  1. champ butler said

    why is a first year pond crawfish larger than later seasons?

    • It could be because there are fewer number of crawfish in the first season than the following seasons. As the popoulation continues to grow, the crawfish can get crowded and smaller. That first season with the larger crawfish may also not catch as many in that first year as well. The idea is to fins a medium.

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