Aquatic Weeds???

May 30, 2010

There seem to be many calls coming in regarding aquatic weed control, primarily algae. At this time of year many recreational ponds are having algae problems; however, it seems unusual for a crawfish pond to have problems with many aquatic weeds. There are not chemical labels that provide use of crawfish ponds for aquatic weed control, but if there is a population of crawfish in the pond, this should not be a problem because of the amount of movement cause from the crawfish and the boats traveling in the trapping lanes for harvesting. If you are experiencing problems with weeds beginning to block trapping lanes, there is also probably a low catch as well. This problem will go away when the water is released, but make management considerations related to the population if the catch has been low all season and aquatic weeds have been a problem throughout the entire season. If you have had continuous problems with weeds, there may be other problems to think about related to water quality, population densities, or how often traps are being ran.


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