seasonal catch

July 20, 2010

The overall season seems to now be coming to an end. This is much later than usual, but the general idea is related to producers still being able to sell at a decent rate later this year. Also, it seems that the extreme cold weather in January may have had an impact on the catch for the year. However, I am not seeing or speaking with anyone who has been catching this week. Being almost August, if water is still found in production ponds, it is probably very difficult to maintain water quality because of the extreme temperatures and the decomposition of plant matter than could be happening in many ponds with water still standing.

Many will be flooding up in the next couple of months for the new season. There is not a lot that you can do at this time to help with the next years catch. But remember, if you plan to work on levees, this could kill crawfish in those levees that will be coming out in the Fall.


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