Flooding up

October 25, 2010

It seems over the past week many producers have desided to flood up. Although the rain has been very spotty, or none at all, I have visited with many who have decided to begin flooding fields now. This is a little earlier than last year, but about the right time for previous years. The main concern is not losing the harvest no, because if they are lost now, it is very difficult to catch up.

Monitor water quality regularly and don’t let the water ‘go bad.’ If oxygen levels drop and crawfish being to die now,  it could be an aggravating start to the season. Having an aeration screen helps maintain water quality, but when constructing one, it is better not to restrict flow of water from the pipe. Just allow the water to fall over a screening system is best.

The November newsletter should be arriving soon and will have much more information that can be useful for this time of the year.


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