Catch Seems to be UP

March 28, 2011

It seems everyone I have spoken to this week and last has said the catch is up. Hopefully this trend stays this way for everyone.

When you are out catching, don’t worry about throwing back those you feel or too small or the females. Chances are you won’t catch the same crawfish when they are larger anyway. It is better to go ahead and sell what you can catch now instead of waiting. Also, this will help prevent the overpopulation problem that can wreak havoc on the size of all of the crawfish in the pond. The number one factor that affects the size of the crawfish is density. Generally, the more you have in there, the smaller they will tend to be.

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2 Responses to “Catch Seems to be UP”

  1. Marty said

    Does the PH level of the pond affect crawfish?

    • Not really so much as it does the forage crop. Crawfish are very hardy and PH levels do not really affect the survivability of a crawfish crop. Many producers who decide to lime the pond may actual hurt the rice crop that is typically used for a forage crop because changing the PH could actually stunt the rice.

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